Städelschule Rundgang 2023

Awarded with Lowland Price

15th of September, 2022

storage box, steel bars, wood, tape, wrapped camouflage paintings, glass, paper, wire, braided silk thread, tin casted knots, silk paper

15th of September 2022 is named after a live performance that happened in Berlin on that date. The work holds both remnants from and another entry into the performance. Packed in a readymade flat storage carton, it can be popped open with four steel bars that lift the lid and create a space from which a miniature version of the performance installation drops down: A Mobile constructions from which different materials and objects are hung, including glass vases, tin casted knots that become plummets and weights to create an equilibrium, and different paintings of camouflage patterns wrapped in tourist brochures. The box also holds another box, a publication which consists of thirteen booklets whose order is unfixed. They make up a speculative and fictitious libretto to the performance and were given to each visitor. Written in the form of a Kunstgespräch where one author creates two characters who in this case debate the main themes of the work: the notion of paradigm shift, drifting between the cosmos and the private between theory and intimacy, drawing on the image of the copernican revolution.” ER

Emmilou Roessling & Lucas Eigel

Excerpt, 2022

Glass and Paper